City Administration interprets the policies established by the City Council. Recommendations are made to the City Council concerning policies and programs through this office. The department ensures the efficient operation of City services and is responsible for and oversees the City's finances, planning and zoning, public safety services (emergency management, fire services and police services), animal control, code enforcement, inspections, public works, parks, utilities (water, sewer and trash services), and management information service. The department oversees the administration of the City's personnel policies, processes payroll, develops annual financial reports, maintain personnel records, maintain all public records and administer grants. The staff administers city ordinances and resolutions and records retention, prepares City Council agendas, and all other boards, commissions, committees and trustees’ agendas and minutes.

How to Reach Us: Administrative offices are located at City Hall, 122 N. Main Street.

Hours of operations are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The City Man­ager serves as the Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer of the City of Blanchard. He is respon­si­ble directly for the finance, pub­lic safety [fire and police depart­ments], pub­lic works and serves as the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the Blanchard Municipal Improvement Author­ity (BMIA). In addi­tion, the cur­rent City Man­ager serves as the Gen­eral Man­ager of the Blanchard Eco­nomic Trust Author­ity (BETA).

The City pro­vides a variety of goods and ser­vices to its' local cit­i­zens. The per­son­nel required to pro­vide these goods and ser­vices are orga­nized into broad man­age­r­ial areas called funds. Funds are sep­a­rate fis­cal and account­ing enti­ties with their own resources and bud­gets nec­es­sary to carry on spe­cific activ­i­ties and attain cer­tain objectives.

Funds are fur­ther orga­nized into func­tional groups called depart­ments/divi­sions or activities. A depart­ment is a group of related activ­i­ties organized to accom­plish a major City ser­vice or pro­gram (e.g. police depart­ment). A depart­ment may be fur­ther divided into smaller areas called divi­sions. Divi­sions per­form spe­cific func­tions within the depart­ment (e.g. munic­i­pal court is a divi­sion of the administration).

At the head of each depart­ment is a direc­tor who is an offi­cer of the City. Direc­tors have super­vi­sion and con­trol of a depart­ment and the divi­sions within it, but are sub­ject to super­vi­sion and con­trol by the City Man­ager. How­ever, a depart­ment head may super­vise more than one department.

The staff may be contacted by telephone at 405.485.9392 or by fax at 405.485.3199. Email contacts are: 

 City Manager